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PDRI for Industrial Projects

PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index -- Industrial Projects, Version 5.0

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Jul 01, 2019
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Welcome to the fifth edition of PDRI–Industrial: Project Definition Rating Index – Industrial Projects: A Front End Planning Maturity and Accuracy Total Rating System (MATRS). This updated tool is also called PDRI MATRS (pronounced “PDRI matters”) and it is focused on large, complex industrial projects.

The first edition of this document was developed and written by the CII Front End Planning Research Team (RT-113) and published in 1996 with associated validated score sheets, element descriptions, and weights. In 2006, the CII Support for Pre-Project Planning Project Team (RT-213) reviewed and updated all CII front end planning (FEP) documentation, including that first edition. The team drew upon materials from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Security Study performed by CII, as well as the collective knowledge of research team members. The resulting update (the second edition) significantly clarified the methods for using the PDRI–Industrial Projects tool, discussed tool usage by both owner and contractor organizations, and referenced security and sustainability issues.

The Front End Planning for Renovation/Revamp Research Team (RT-242) later revisited the second edition to clarify its usage on renovation projects and to provide specific comments on needed FEP efforts for renovation projects. A further update subsequently was made to resolve minor issues with its Excel™- based tool.

In 2019, the PDRI MATRS CII Research Team (RT-361) upgraded PDRI–Industrial to Version 5.0 by combining two major research efforts – PDRI and FEED MATRS – and making significant changes and additions to the functionality of the PDRI spreadsheets. This work included adding detailed definition level descriptions to each element and introducing a new accuracy assessment to gauge the context in which FEP is being developed. RT-361 also produced an updated macro-enabled spreadsheet that combined the PDRI–Industrial tool with the FEED maturity and accuracy tools developed by RT-331 to create a single, integrated PDRI MATRS tool. That fresh tool accompanies this book and will help project teams assess their projects.

This new PDRI MATRS fills a critical gap in the FEP body of knowledge. This document, along with the accompanying Excel™-based tool, will help project teams evaluate FEP efforts, including FEED maturity and accuracy for industrial projects involving new construction or renovation and revamp. The members of RT-361 believe that, with these changes, this fifth edition significantly improves the usability of the PDRI–Industrial Projects tool.

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