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REP Directory Listing: Deloitte

Deloitte, the largest service provider in the world, has a consultancy area in Capital Projects and Asset Transformation. Our service offering covers the entire lifecycle of a Capital Asset.

With +110 partners specialized in Infrastructure and Capital Projects and +4500 professionals dedicated to the practice, we help our clients from the selection and prioritization of the investment portfolio, through the construction and operation of assets to decommissioning.

Addressing portfolio management, company structuring and support to deliver projects successfully, with high productivity and predictability, for all the organization's investments.

We support the development of new businesses with a specialization in Compliance, Independent Analysis, Procurement, Contract Management, Mitigation and Analysis of Claims and / or Disputes. Additionally, after the start of operations, we work optimizing assets, implementing Industry 4.0 tools and processes, seeking the best operational performance.

For customers to be even more successful, we support their strategy of innovation, digital transformation through digital platforms and analytics solutions to gain insights through data.

We can act in different ways, with total flexibility, depending on the client's needs, maturity and availability of resources. From more consultative actions to hand-on actions even sharing knowledge and experiences.


REP Areas of Expertise
CII Best Practices

Advanced Work Packaging // Alignment // Benchmarking & Metrics // Change Management // Constructability // Disputes Prevention & Resolution // Front End Planning // Implementation of CII Research // Lessons Learned // Materials Management // Partnering // Planning for Modularization // Planning for Startup // Project Risk Assessment // Project Risk Assessment // Quality Management // Team Building // Zero Accidents Techniques

CII Knowledge Areas

Business and Project Processes // Commissioning, Startup & Handover // Construction Execution // Construction Technology // Design Planning and Optimization // General CII Information // Human Resources Management // Information Management Technology // Materials Management // Modularization // Performance Assessment // Procurement and Contracts // Professional Development // Project and Program Management // Project Controls // Project Organization and Communication // Project Planning // Quality Management // Risk Management // Safety // Sustainability, Environmental, and Security

Deloitte Details

Delivery method
Live Webinar
Self-paced Online Course
Hybrid (part live/part self-paced)
Deloitte Events