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REP Directory Listing: Max Grishin

Max Grishin


Dr. Max Grishin is a project and construction mangement expert who serves the Oil & Gas, Mining, Metallurgy, Power, Chemical, Infrastructure and Building industries. 

Dr. Max Grishin is an expert with 35+ years’ experience in Project and Construction Management. He provides consulting and training support to construction project owners and contractors. His consulting services covers the CII Best Practices like Advanced Work Packaging, PDRI, Constructability, and Risk Management. All his training courses have the practical orientation and adapt to the customers’ projects. He implements the best practices in accordance with recommendations of CII and internal procedures of the customers. He makes extensive use of mentoring as the most effective tool to achieve positive results and his “field” experience helps him in this matter.




Grishin Details

Delivery Method
Live Instructor-Led / In-person
Live Instructor-Led / Virtual
Self-paced Online Course
Hybrid (part live / part self-paced)
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