Implementation Champions Program

A CII Implementation Champion (IC) is the individual or team within each CII member organization with the role of deploying CII practices and research findings.

Using highly engaged member organizations as examples, the Deployment Committee compiled a comprehensive, fit-for-purpose description of the IC role and responsibilities to help you identify the right individual(s) for this role within your organization.

The IC utilizes the Implementation Roadmap to deploy procedures to review and evaluate CII practices and research findings. The organization then selects those that will enhance and improve the company’s processes and procedures to be formally implemented.

For those CII practices and findings selected by the member organization for deployment, the IC guides their deployment by:

  • Determining the means and methods for distributing the research findings.
  • Marshalling the necessary resources to accomplish updates to the organization’s processes and procedures.
  • Providing support and guidance to their internal deployment team.
The IC interfaces with CII committees—especially the Deployment Committee—and CII staff on deployment efforts and results achieved. Optional responsibilities include, but are not limited to, identifying key stakeholders and deployment leaders within the company for each CII practice, promoting the use of CII practices and processes within the organization, and following up to validate deployment has been completed or understand the decisions not to deploy.