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CII Data Warehouse Two-Project Challenge

June 16, 2023 | Information Management Technology
Do you wonder if your projects are keeping up and how they compare against others in the industry? 

Construction firms must adopt new strategies and processes to remain competitive in this rapidly-evolving market. The CII Data Warehouse is a unique benchmarking and research platform that can provide answers.

Click here and log into the Data Warehouse. Training required for access.

Launched last year on its new big data platform hosted at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), the program combines CII’s 25 years of benchmarking expertise and delivers to members a benchmarking solution for the future.

CII issued a Two-Project Challenge, to all of the members, asking each to submit data from two capital projects to the Data Warehouse.

What are the benefits of participating? There are both long term and short term benefits.

For each project that is submitted, a Performance Assessment Key Report will be generated and it will provide a quantitative score card of performance with comparisons against similar projects. The Key Reports bring to light areas of strength and weakness, allowing project management to focus on improvement where needed without wasting scarce resources. In this way, the Data Warehouse sets the foundation for organizations to make informed, strategic decisions that impact the bottom line.

It doesn’t stop there, however. This data collection effort is the first step in a major effort to update the value of CII Best Practices. Results will be published over the next year and more.

Leveraging the analytical results of benchmarking, an organization can come to understand what practices are most effective for greater bottom-line impacts and it can focus on those practices.

Delivering tangible benefits, Benchmarking & Metrics:
  • Builds a performance culture
  • Highlights strengths and weakness
  • Allows focus on improvement where needed without wasting scarce resources
  • Prevents mistakes in project implementation
  • Organizational level benchmarking yields a positive bottom line
  • Provides understanding and focus on the most effective practices for greater bottom-line impacts.
Ready to meet the Two-Project Challenge? 
Contact Deborah DeGezelle at to schedule a training session today.