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CII Themes for 2024-2025 Ideation

May 9, 2024
Following the April 2024 Board of Advisors (BOA) meeting, we're excited to announce the top themes identified for our annual R&D ideation process. These themes, captured via surveys and ranked by BOA attendees, will guide our efforts in developing future research opportunities.

We'll be focusing discussions on these themes while still welcoming general ideas from CII members.

Top Ranked Themes

· Workforce/Staffing: The industry faces challenges in recruiting, developing, and retaining skilled workers. AI and other technologies may hold promise in addressing these labor shortages. Recent CII initiatives related to workforce include RT-370 (2021) and the ongoing RT-414 (Developing Next-Gen Frontline Supervisors). Workshops will target research ideas, but collaboration opportunities on workforce initiatives are also welcome.

· Front-End Planning (FEP): Reflecting CII's history in FEP research, this theme ranked highly. Members mentioned FEP primarily for improvement, suggesting a desire for more agile and efficient planning processes. CII's last FEP project was RT-361 (PDRI MATRS) in 2019.

· AI and Digital Transformation: Discussions underscored the importance of technology across all CII focus areas. The Technology Committee will be a primary forum for these discussions and capturing AI and Digital Transformation ideas within its initiatives. Notably, a short research project on AI and safety is planned for 2024, and the upcoming CII Annual Conference will feature keynote speakers on AI. Watch a recent talk on AI by Deloitte's Chris Bunker (highly recommended) – [link to talk, if available]. Worth noting was Deloitte's prototype showcasing a ChatGPT-style tool for CII safety content. A big thanks to Deloitte for their support!

· Additional Ranked Themes: Collaborative and Integrated Delivery, AWP/Digital Project Delivery, Decarbonization/Energy Transition/Sustainability, Risk Management, Implementation of Practices/Project Governance, Automation/Robotics, and Supply Chain.

Join the Conversation!

· Workshops: The Funded Studies Committee (FSC) will host online workshops for the top two themes (Workforce and Front-End Planning) during June (CII will announce specific dates soon). Sign up to participate by May 24:

· Submit Ideas Anytime: We have an online form for submitting R&D ideas anytime until the end of June, regardless of their connection to the themes above:

CII appreciates your engagement in shaping the future of CII's R&D agenda!