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More of the Latest CII Research Publications - Now Available

February 8, 2019

CII has released more of the latest research, including a Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) tool and publications on Improving Frontline Supervision, Productivity Metrics, Improved Integration of the Supply Chain, and Safety Performance.

FR-DCC-02 - Construction Readiness Assessment for Productivity Improvement

The Construction Readiness Assessment (CRA) Tool was developed to integrate research findings into the workflow of industry professionals and to assist them in controlling construction readiness. The CRA tool is built in Microsoft Excel-Visual Basic for Applications. The tool uses the weights of the 228 factors to compute a unified project readiness score, and subsequently compares that score to both the benchmarks identified in this research and user-defined project goals. The CRA tool further identifies leverage areas in which improvement can be made to increase or maintain construction readiness. Repeated use of the tool during the planning and construction phases of a project permits projects to be tracked as they progress toward construction readiness. 100% of the CRA tool testers reported that they plan to use the tool on their future projects.

FR-330 - Improving Frontline Supervision in Industrial Construction

This research, co-sponsored with CURT, identified how industry could train frontline supervisors to significantly enhance two areas: ten core competencies that are uniform across productivity regimes but currently underdeveloped, and how frontline supervisors allocate time to perform tasks on a daily basis.

FR-332 - Measuring Progress and Defining Productivity Metrics in Model-based Engineering

This work offers a new guideline for defining productivity metrics and measuring progress in a model-driven approach to engineering. It provides standardized definitions for measuring the maturity of modeling disciplines and shows how to use them to analyze model maturity and information quality. The research explains how to determine Model Maturity Index levels for each model discipline and location, and a ModelXP Addendum can outline the modeling process to assure that stakeholders understand their responsibilities.

FR-340 - Corporate Best Practices for Successful Productivity Improvement Programs

This research presents an implementation framework that helps organizations assess and improve productivity programs at the corporate level to generate portfolio-wide impacts, increasing performance and predictability.
FR-344 - Improved Integration of the Supply Chain in Materials Planning and Work Packaging, Part I: Visibility
The research findings provide concrete starting points from which firms and projects can take action to improve materials management, with a focus in this volume on the desired visibility across common decisions during execution. A complementary set of visibility enablers is offered, along with a method for scoring visibility and enabler performance.

RS317-1a - Safety Performance through Operational Excellence, Phase II

This publication summarizes Phase II of a CII research project to identify the impact of operational excellence on safety performance. This work describes how operational excellence correlates with lower safety incident rates and shows whether employees really "do the right thing, the right way, every time - even when no one is watching."