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Researchers from Arizona State Win Award for New CII Research

May 3, 2018

A team of researchers from Arizona State developed a conference paper explaining the maturity portion of the research they pursued with CII Research Team 331 (RT-331) and presented it at the April 2018 ASCE Construction Research Congress (CRC) in New Orleans. Their article won the CRC Best Paper Award out of 374 papers presented at the Congress. Congratulations to everyone on the team!
CII Research Team 331 (RT-331) prepared the Front End Engineering Design Maturity and Accuracy Total Rating System (FEED MATRS) publication and tool to address a critical industry need. With this tool, CII fills a gap in the Front End Planning body of knowledge, helping project teams evaluate FEED maturity and accuracy for large, complex industrial projects, whether they involve new construction, renovation and revamp, or both.
Implementation Resource 331-2 is now available on the CII Knowledge Base. The ultimate goal of this maturity and accuracy tool is to enable its users to plot maturity and accuracy scores on a four-quadrant matrix and to correlate these scores with performance.
The maturity tool can be used in a variety of ways; for example at the beginning of FEED to set expectations, or at the end of FEED as an auditing tool. In addition to delivering a maturity assessment, FEED MATRS can also determine the accuracy of FEED deliverables by evaluating the enabling or external factors associated with FEED processes that have the potential to affect project performance.
The FEED MATRS tool builds on the PDRI-Industrial tool, providing a more consistent mechanism for evaluating the level of definition for engineering design deliverables. It also provides a new evaluation method for assessing the environment under which an accurate FEED should be developed.
The FEED MATRS tool is complementary to IR113-2, PDRI: Project Definition Rating Index – Industrial Projects, and IR320-2, Tools for Enhancing the Quality of Problematic Design Deliverables.