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CII Registered Education Providers


The purpose of the CII Registered Education Provider (REP) program is to provide CII member organizations and the general public with a corps of professional instructors who are familiar with CII materials, including its practices, research findings, Knowledge Base resources, publications, tools, and methodologies.
CII REPs are available to hold educational offerings at CII member organizations and other venues as well as virtually.
Critical to this initiative is the assurance of the quality of instruction and the currency of the presented materials. This program monitors participant feedback on CII materials being presented by REPs.
This program enhances cooperation between CII and education professionals. In addition, the program advises CII members and the general public of qualified instructors on CII materials.
Only approved CII REPs are exclusively listed on the CII website, the online REP directory below, and other promotional media.

How to Become a REP

Registration as a CII Registered Education Provider is available to CII member organizations as well as individual instructors. Please download the program guidelines and completely fill out the appropriate forms, upload the required supportive documents, then submit via the online application portal.