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Research to Drive Innovation through AWP

January 31, 2019
Austin, TX – Last week, CII kicked off a pilot research program devoted to enhancing Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). Around 40 people attended this event, launching three research teams (RTs) that will deliver their findings at the 2020 CII Annual Conference in Denver.

RT-DCC-04 – Promoting the Use of Advanced Work Packaging
Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) promotes a disciplined approach for project planning and communicating project scope from conception to turnover. The deliberate engineering and construction management practices required in AWP are essential to improving craft labor productivity and predictability. AWP holds the promise of fundamentally transforming the capital project delivery process and providing significant productivity benefits. Case study results showed a strong relationship between AWP implementation and higher project performance, compared to traditional planning and execution processes. Even though AWP became a CII Best Practice in 2015, its use among companies in the downstream and chemicals sector is still limited. Therefore, there is a need to study ways to promote the use of Advanced Work Packaging in the sector.

RT-363 – Integrating the Supply Chain with AWP Practices
What are leading practices for effective involvement of the supply chain in AWP processes? Specifically, (1) How should procurement practices be augmented for owners and service providers (engineers and contractors)? (2) How should AWP practices best interface with suppliers to assure timely, cost effective, and responsive production of equipment?

RT-364 – AWP-Integrated Practices for Construction Completions, Commissioning, and Startup
How can the commissioning/startup (CSU) research building blocks established from prior CII research be further leveraged and integrated with advanced work packaging (AWP) to better serve capital projects?

This fresh approach to CII research relies on a spirit of collaboration since the teams kick off in parallel. The groups’ leaders have already planned regular meetings to keep their efforts aligned as they pursue this innovative, high-impact research.

The three new teams are the first step toward the long-term goal of creating a platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize projects through AWP. The program could transform AWP into a next-generation production system.

The AWP program marks a unique collaboration of three CII groups. The Advanced Work Packaging Community of Business Advancement supported the program’s design; the Downstream and Chemicals Sector Committee is sponsoring it; and the Funded Studies Committee will manage it. The teams’ membership counts volunteers from all three groups.

The effort also leverages research faculty from The University of Texas at Austin. These same academics contributed to CII’s decade of industry-reshaping AWP research. (For more on AWP, a CII Best Practice, visit its listing in the CII Knowledge Base: Advanced Work Packaging.)

If you work for a CII member company and would like to join the AWP effort, please contact Kristi Delaney at (512) 232-3002 or